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Transforming Society in the Digital Age with the World's Most Advanced Computing

Our mission is to set new boundaries for cutting-edge computing technologies, breaking the limitations of Moore's Law and Von Neuman bottlenecks. We are working to create a new era of computing performance that will underpin future innovation.

High Performance Computing

The World's Fastest Supercomputer 'Fugaku' has been delivering impressive social implementation results across a wide range of fields, including life sciences, disaster prevention and mitigation, energy, manufacturing, basic science, and socioeconomic applications.

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Digital Annealer

Digital Annealer is a computing technology inspired by quantum phenomena. It is increasingly being used for a variety of applications that require high-speed combinatorial optimization problem-solving – something that is difficult to achieve with current general-purpose computers.

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Quantum Computing

Fujitsu is actively engaged in R&D as well as pursuing a wide range of possibilities in quantum computing. We are also collaborating closely with world-leading research institutions, from focusing on quantum devices to platform software and applications.

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