Green Procurement

Guide to Green Procurement - To reduce the environmental burden in supply chains

The Fujitsu Group recognizes that global environmental protection is a vital business issue. Contributing to global sustainability is one of the Fujitsu Group's social responsibilities, and a reason for its existence.

Based on this belief, Fujitsu Group is promoting Green purchasing activity, a campaign aiming to purchase environmentally friendly parts, materials, and products with the support of business partners. In detail, please refer to Fujitsu Group Green Procurement Direction.

Fujitsu's Action Programs for Green Procurement

(fiscal 2023 and fiscal 2025)

  • Promoting GHG emission reductions in the supply chain.
  • Raise awareness to conserve water resources in the upstream supply chain.

Guideline for activities for reducing CO2 emissions

This guideline has provided for suppliers' activities for reducing CO2 emissions, and also, for using to the activities expansion to their upstream suppliers to stimulate the activities of the entire supply chain.

Water risk assessment for companies

As a first step in water resource conservation activities, it is necessary to understand the risks associated with the water to which we face. This document introduces the significance of water risk assessment for companies and the procedures for its efforts, etc.

Drive Activities to Reduce CO2 Emissions in the Supply Chain

We would like to introduce the progress of our activities in the supply chain.

Decarbonizing society and Business in the future

This video simply explains what a decarbonized society is and how we can contribute through our business.


AQUEDUCT is a water risk tool provided for free by the World Resources Institute.

Request to supply environmental information about deliverables

Fujitsu Group is implementing a survey regarding chemical substances contained in suppliers' products.

Chemical substances survey

Fujitsu has been using chemSHERPA operate by JAMP since January, 2018 for chemical substances surveys. AIS was used before that.

JAMP : Joint Article Management Promotion-consortium

chemSHERPA : Chemical information SHaring and Exchange under Reporting Partnership in supply chain

chemSERPA is an information transfer scheme for chemicals in products throughout supply chains. It has been developed by the initiative of Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) in Japan.

When we request you to make a chemical substances survey, please respond to this.