Fujitsu Way

Fujitsu Way

The Fujitsu Way comprises 3 parts: "Our Purpose", ”Our Values" and "Code of Conduct".

"Our Purpose" indicates why Fujitsu exists in society.
"Our Values" are the important sense of value each person should have.
"Code of Conduct" is what we should comply.

Three Components of the Fujitsu Way

Fujitsu Way

Illustration of Fujitsu WayIllustration of Fujitsu WayIllustration of Fujitsu Way

Three Components of the Fujitsu Way

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to make the world more sustainable by building trust in society through innovation.

Our purpose represents why all Fujitsu people in the world work together every day. This is the core of the Fujitsu Way.

Purpose Statement
The purpose statement is a brief narrative that sets out our purpose and its background context, as well as what value we create for customers and society, how we change and how we grow to achieve it.
  • Background

    • The world has become more inter-connected with ever-growing complexity.
      We are experiencing an era that is fast-changing and uncertain.
    • As a global company with a long history of delivering technology-based value to customers, it is our responsibility to contribute proactively to the transformation of society.
    • In this era, we need unconventional ways to solve the world’s difficult challenges.
  • Our value

    • We create human centric innovation by bringing together people with data and physical things.
    • We empower people to work more creatively and support the success of our customers.
  • Our own

    • Our purpose drives every action of every person in Fujitsu.
    • Empathizing with people’s challenges, we will collaborate and act with agility to create solutions that make a positive impact to the environment, society and the economy.
  • Growing our
    own capability

    • We respect fairness and equality, and promote diversity and inclusion.
    • We will continue to build the technology and capabilities needed by society in an environment where everyone is free to maximize their potential.

Our Values

’Aspiration', 'Trust' and 'Empathy'

In order to realize the purpose, "Our Values" indicate a critical action cycle consisting of 'Aspiration', 'Trust', and 'Empathy'.

  • Aspiration

    • Set ambitious targets and act with agility.
    • Embrace diversity and create original ideas.
    • Stay curious and learn from failures and experiences.
    • Deliver positive impact through human centric innovation.
  • Trust

    • Honor promises and exceed expectations.
    • Act with ethics, transparency and integrity.
    • Work autonomously and unite for common goals.
    • Contribute to a trusted society using technology.
  • Empathy

    • Strive for customers’ success and their sustainable growth.
    • Listen to all people and act for the needs of our planet.
    • Work together to solve global challenges.
    • Generate shared value for our people, customers, partners, community and shareholders.

Code of Conduct

We will abide by this Code of Conduct. As a member of society, we must comply with the "Code of Conduct".

  • We respect human rights.
  • We comply with all laws and regulations.
  • We act with fairness in our business dealings.
  • We protect and respect intellectual property.
  • We maintain confidentiality.
  • We do not use our position in our organization for personal gain.

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