Per Share Data and Financial Position

As of June 2, 2020

Per Share Data

As of October 1st, 2018, Fujitsu conducted a reverse stock split, consolidating common stock at a ratio of 10 shares to 1 share. The dividend for FY2018 onwards shows the dividend amount converted to the post-reverse stock split basis.

Financial Position

Accounting terms are all IFRS-based. Corresponding terms in J-GAAP are as follows:
-Operating income Margin / Operating Profit Margin
-Shareholders' Equity Ratio / Equity Attributable to Owners of the Parent Ratio

Figures for FY2017 exclude resuts for Fujitsu Ten

FY 2015FY 2016FY 2017FY 2018FY 2019
Operating Profit Margin2.5%2.9%4.5%3.3%5.5%
Equity Attributable to Owners of the Parent Ratio24.3%27.6%34.8%36.5%38.9%
Debt / Equity Ratio0.680.550.370.280.33
Total Assets Turnover Ratio1.461.411.301.271.19

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