Fujitsu Group Integrated Report 2021

The Fujitsu Group Integrated Report introduces the Fujitsu Group's initiatives for business activities and value creation comprehensively and simply.

Value Creation Model

We in the Fujitsu Group are committed to providing value to society driven by Our Purpose, starting with social trends.

Fujitsu Group‘s Value Creation Model. The details are following.

Social Trends
1. An era of uncertainty:Threat of new coronavirus infection
2. Agreement of global goals:SDGs / Paris Agreement (COP)
3. Expectations of companies:Stakeholder capitalism
4. Expectations of Fujitsu:Digital transformation

Input (Fiscal 2020 results) 
Financial capital:Revenue ¥3,589.7 billion, Operating profit margin 7.4%
Non-financial capital:
・Human capital:
    - Ratio of female employees (non-consolidated) 18.2%
    - Percentage of female managers (non-consolidated) 7.4%
    - Annual cost of education* ¥114.8 thousand/year per person
    * Fiscal 2019 results, Fujitsu and domestic Group companies
・Natural capital:GHG emissions 658 thousand tons
・Intellectual capital:R&D investment ¥113.8 billion
・Social & Relationship capital:Community investment ¥1.1 billion
・Manufactured capital:Capital expenditure ¥87.5 billion

Invest each capital listed in the input into the business

Our Purpose:Our Purpose is to make the world more sustainable by building trust in society through innovation
Fujitsu Uvance:Building new possibilities by connecting people, technology and ideas, creating a more sustainable world where anyone can advance their dreams
    Vertical Areas:Sustainable Manufacturing, Consumer Experience, Healthy Living, Trusted Society
    Horizontal Areas:Digital Shifts, Business Applications, Hybrid IT
Global Responsible Business (GRB) :Human Rights, Diversity & Inclusion, Wellbeing, Environment, Compliance, Supply Chain, Health and Safety, Community

Creating outputs and direct outcomes through the business 

Output (Fiscal 2022 targets) 
Financial indicators:Revenue ¥3,500.0 billion, Operating profit margin 10%
Non-financial indicators:Customer NPS® (under preparation), Employee engagement 75, DX Promotion Indices 3.5

Create outcomes from the output obtained through the business

Outcome / Providing value to society:Providing human-centric values
    Shareholders:Long-term improvement in corporate value
    Customers:Customers’ success and their sustainable growth
    Employees:An environment that maximizes potential
    Business partners:Coexistence and co-prosperity with business partners
    Society:Act for needs of our planet first
Providing value to society:Providing human-centric value also contributes to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Repeat the cycle of investing capital into the business, creating outputs and outcomes through the business, and investing the strengthened capital back into the business.

Fujitsu Group
Integrated Report 2021

Download by section

Fujitsu Group Overview
  • 03
    Fujitsu at a Glance
  • 05
    Fujitsu Update: Current Status of Changes Targeting Value Creation
  • 06
    Value Creation Model
  • 07
    Board of Directors / Audit & Supervisory Board Members
Management Review
  • 08
    Message to Shareholders and Investors
    Takahito Tokita
    Representative Director and CEO, CDXO
  • 14
    In-House Promotion of the Fujitsu Way
  • 15
    Message from the CFO
  • 17
    Financial Highlights
  • 18
    ESG Highlights
Creating Value for Customers with “For Growth” and “For Stability”
  • 20
    Message from the COO
  • 22
    Fujitsu’s Key Focus Areas —Message from the Head of Global Solutions Business
  • 24
    Interview with the President of Fujitsu Japan
  • 26
    Interview with the Head of Japan Global Gateway
  • 28
    Message from the Head of Global Services Business Group
Transforming Our Personnel and Organization to Create Value
  • 30
    Interview with the Chief Human Resources Officer
  • 32
    Progress in Human Resources and Organizational Transformation
Social Innovation through Digital Transformation
  • 38
    Contributions in Drug Discovery and the Medical Field
  • 39
    Contributing to the Mitigation of Climate Change
  • 40
    Contributing to Efforts to Adapt to Climate Change
Sustainability Management
  • 42
    Message from the Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO)
  • 44
    Overview of Our Sustainability Management
  • 46
    Stakeholder Dialogue
  • 49
    Overview of GRB Progress
  • 51
    Human Rights
  • 52
    Diversity and Inclusion
  • 53
  • 54
    Occupational Health and Safety / Community
  • 56
    Supply Chain / Compliance
  • 58
    The Environment
  • 60
    TCFD-Based Information Disclosure
  • 62
    Agreement with International Norms, Participation in International Organizations, and External Evaluation
Corporate Governance
  • 63
    Roundtable Discussion with Independent Directors —Governance That Anticipates Change and Drives Innovation
  • 67
    Message from the New Independent Director
  • 68
  • 70
    Corporate Governance
  • 78
    Risk Management
  • 81
    Information Security
Review of Operations
  • 83
    Performance Highlights
  • 86
    Highlights by Segment
  • 88
    Technology Solutions Highlights by International Region
  • 90
    Shareholder Data

Financial Section 2021

Back numbers : Integrated Report

  • *
    From fiscal 2015, the Fujitsu Limited Annual Report and CSR Report have been combined and published as the “Fujitsu Group Integrated Report.”
    Click here for the back numbers of the Fujitsu Limited Annual Report.
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