Number of Nodes

Number of Nodes 158,976 nodes

Peak Performance

Peak Performance Normal Mode: 2.0 GHz
  • Double Precision (64 bit) 488 Petaflops
  • Single Precision (32 bit) 977 Petaflops
  • Half Precision (16 bit) 1.95 Exaflops
  • Integer (8 bit) 3.90 Exa Exaops
Boost Mode: 2.2 GHz
  • Double Precision (64 bit) 537 Petaflops
  • Single Precision (32 bit) 1.07 Exaflops
  • Half Precision (16 bit) 2.15 Exaflops
  • Integer (8 bit) 4.30 Exaops
Total Memory 4.85 PiB
Total Memory Bandwidth 163 PB/s


Architecture Armv8.2-A SVE 512 bit
With the following Fujitsu's extensions: Hardware barrier, Sector cache, and Prefetch
Number of computational cores 48 cores
Number of assistant cores Computational node: 2 cores
I/O and computational node: 4 cores
Performance Normal Mode: 2.0 GHz DP: 3.072 TFLOPS, SP: 6.144 TFLOPS, HP: 12.288 TFLOPS
Boost Mode: 2.2 GHz DP: 3.3792 TFLOPS, SP: 6.7584 TFLOPS, HP: 13.5168 TFLOPS
Cache (Notes:1) (Notes:2) L1D/core: 64 KiB, 4way, 256 GB/s (load), 128 GB/s (store)
L2/CMG: 8 MiB, 16way
L2/node: 4 TB/s (load), 2 TB/s (store)
L2/core: 128 GB/s (load), 64 GB/s (store)
Memory HBM2 32 GiB, 1024 GB/s
Interconnect Tofu Interconnect D (28 Gbps x 2 lane x 10 port)
I/O PCIe Gen3 x16
Technology 7nm FinFET

Storage System

1st Layer LLIO (Lightweight Layered IO-Accelerator)
LLIO is a file system dedicated to the job execution area.
Providing the following three types of areas to the job.
  • Node Temporary Area
  • Shared Temporary Area
  • Cache Area of 2nd Layer Storage
2nd Layer FEFS (Fujitsu Exabyte File System)
FEFS is a large shared area used by users and jobs.
Luster-based file system.
3rd Layer Commercial cloud storage services

Programming Language and Library

Compiler Fortran2008 & Fortran2018 subset
C11 & GNU and Clang extensions
C++14 & C++17 subset and GNU and Clang extensions
OpenMP 4.5 & OpenMP 5.0 subset
Parallel Programming XcalableMP
Script Language Python + Numpy + Scipy, Ruby
SSL II (Fujitsu)
EigenExa, Kevd, Batched BLAS, 2.5D-PDGEMM

System Software

OS Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8
MPI Fujitsu MPI (Based on OpenMPI), RIKEN-MPICH (Based on MPICH)
Application-oriented file IO libraries
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