Global Fujitsu Distinguished Engineer

Takahiro Miyaura


I have engaged in technical research on advanced technologies and technical support duties based on this research as a software engineer. I independently conducted examinations into, and verification of, XR technology (VR/AR/MR) and related technologies, and disseminated information through communities outside the company. I am currently active in pursuing contributions to expansion.


Conducted external activities since 2016 in Mixed Reality technologies. The activities in the XR field, particularly HoloLens, were highly acclaimed and earned a Microsoft MVP for Windows Development award from Microsoft.

[Main Awards and Achievements in External Activities]

Award History: Awarded the Microsoft MVP for Mixed Reality for 5 consecutive years.

External Activities-Dissemination of technical information: Over 150 articles/over 400,000 PV (Qiita: ranked 1st for contribution of HoloLens/MR tags for 4 consecutive years)-Talks at seminars/events: Over 90 times(Experience speaking at official events by other companies, such as the Microsoft Ignite Tour and Microsoft Mixed Reality Dev Days Japan)-Experience with personal sponsorship (sponsors that contribute technology and GitHub code) for Microsoft's conferences.

  • Community management: Held over 100 technical events (meetups, study groups, hackathons, etc.) as a member of multiple external community management teams

Value Creation

Project Support- Consultation on, and resolution of, technical issues related to products using the XR technologies that each department is working on- Planning support for XR-related business negotiations- Sharing the latest trends in the industry through internal SNS, participation in various events and study groups