Global Fujitsu Distinguished Engineer

Soya Aoyama


In the 20 or more years since joining the company, I have worked to develop Windows software, NDIS drivers, Bluetooth profiles, WinSock applications, and the like. Since 2014, I have worked in cybersecurity research, mainly into attack methods that use Windows dll files, and I have given talks at hacker conferences around the world.
Also, as part of my activities outside the company, I held the BSides Tokyo international security conference.
I organize BSides Tokyo, the information security conference every year.


  • Researched vulnerabilities of systems from an attacker's perspective and talked on results at international security conferences
    • BSides Las Vegas [2017]
    • GrrCON (Grand Rapids) [2018]
    • ToorCon (San Diego) [2018]
    • DerbyCon (Louisville) [2018]
    • HackMiami [2019]
    • LeHack (France) [2019] [2022]
    • BSides Singapore [2019]
    • ROOTCON (Philippines) [2019]
  • The content of my presentation was published on the wildly known website Bleeping Computer. And it quoted, translated and posted on websites around the world.
  • Reported vulnerabilities discovered during research to vendors and worked with them to repair these.

Value Creation

  • Initiated BSides Tokyo, East Asia's first BSides, and provided a place for Japan's security researcher to give talks.
  • Promoted and recruited for Fujitsu Security Meister System at security events.