Global Fujitsu Distinguished Engineer

Keith Dear


Hi! I am am Managing Director of Fujitsu's Centre for Cognitive and Advanced Technologies, where our mission is to revolutionise decision-making for organisations and individuals.

We seek to speed up the time it takes to draw technology from reseach to widespread employment.

Within Fujitsu I have pioneered our work with the National Digital Twin programme in the UK, to help build what I think will be the enterprise architecture of the metaverse. Our team in the Centre are pioneering and productising research into next generation AI and collective intelligence techniques with universities in the UK, the US, and globally, and building out our co-creation environments to bring together users, problems and data to co-create and rapidly diffuse new AI/ML, quantum-inspired (digital annealing), and supercomputing solutions.

I write and speak widely on AI/ML, strategy, business and on the implications of emerging technology for societies, states, and national security, for example, in 2023, I provided evidence the UK House of Lords on the implications of AI/ML for National Security, and previously I co-edited the world-leading RUSI Journal's Special Edition on Artificial Intelligence, and have spoken in Japan, Israel, the US, UK and across Europe on the role of AI in decision-making.


I am a Fellow of the Royal United Services Association (RUSI), the UK's leading National Security think-tank, a Fellow of the Changing Character of War Programme at the University of Oxford, a Director's Fellow at Cambridge University's Judge Business School, and a Chief of the Air Staff's Fellow with the Royal Air Force. I was previously an Expert Advisor to the Prime Minister on Science, Technology, Space and Modernising Defence. I hold a PhD in Experimental Psychology from the University of Oxford, an Executive MBA from the University of Cambridge, an MA (with distinction) from King's College London, and a BA (Hons) from Lancaster University. In 2022 I won an award for essays across Macroeconomics, Marketing, Innovation, Strategic Management, Corporate Governance and Ethics from the University of Cambridge.

Value Creation

Since joining Fujitsu in January 2021 I have been driving thought leadership, helping turn the Fujitsu Tech & Services Vision into a strategy tailored to the UK - with a willingness to ask hard and searching questions, connect globally in search of answers, provide suggestions and proposals. I have helped develop our work in the UK on Corporate Venture Capitalism creating opportunities for co-investment with a range of venture funds. I have established cutting edge research projects, shown leadership in defining and driving our own digital transformation and in developing Fujitsu offerings in this space both consultancy-based and productising research to better tailor products to market.