Global Fujitsu Distinguished Engineer

Dr. David Snelling


In computing, my primary domain of expertise, hardware lies at the base of everything. In classical compute, the importance of accuracy and efficiency are paramount. In the realm of advanced computing, other factors also come into play. In HPC the ability of the application designer to understand the details of how the hardware works is essential. The situation is even more pronounced with technology like the Digital Annealer and in the near future quantum computing. It is also true that even with production technologies that run most of our large data centres, the same should apply. To make the most of a given energy budget, and therefore the green house impact as well, the better the understanding of the technology the more effective the use that can be made of it. There are two advanced technologies on the horizon from Fujitsu: quantum computing and the energy efficient Monaka processor. It is no longer possible to simply create these tools, package them and ship them around the world. The ability to use them effectively and efficiency must somehow also be 'shipped' around the world. This is the role our global distinguished engineering program. This challenge is even more important when the business context is also included - the right technology needs to be matched to each given customer problem.


As part of an ongoing program in Europe to raise the profile of Fujitsu as a supplier of advanced computing (including quantum), I have been working with techUKopen in new window to develop their response to government proposalsopen in new window around funding of quantum and a strategy for advanced compute. This work, by many companies across the whole quantum technologies ecosystemopen in new window, has resulted in a £2B funding strategy for quantum in the UK and a comprehensive review of advanced compute.

The importance of computing to the prosperity of any nation is critical. To better understand this impact and status of the compute around the world, the Tony Blair Institute for Global Changeopen in new window (an internationally rebound charity) is doing a comprehensive computing capability survey of more than 50 countries around the world. This work will influence future global trade and support for the third world. I have had the privilege of serving on the steering committee of this activity.

Value Creation

In April 2023, after several year is prototypes and pilot projects, our Digital Annealer based Drug Discovery platform was passed to the Uvance Healthy Livingopen in new window team under excellent business leadership to offer a service globally. We have had a number of customers and more in the pipeline. We are also using the platform to explore important cancer cures as part of the UK charity partnership with Cancer Research UK.

At the end of 2022, Fujitsu, acting as prime contractor, and a partner company, Oxford Quantum Circuits, sold a Fujitsu quantum simulator and supercomputer and a quantum device to CESGA in Spainopen in new window. This marks Fujitsu's position as a trusted supplier of advanced compute, including quantum. In future, offerings will include our on quantum device and possibly other various quantum computing architectures.