Global Fujitsu Distinguished Engineer

Daisuke Imanishi


My area of expertise lies in image recognition AI using deep learning. In 2021, I started participating in challenges on Kaggle, the world's largest competitive platform in the AI field, with the aim of testing my AI technical prowess and improving my skills. I have now earned the title of Kaggle Grandmaster, the highest rank in Kaggle. I have demonstrated my technical skills in AI business and am making every effort to apply AI technology to society.


Won 5 gold medals, 10 silver medals, and 2 bronze medals at Kaggle as of April 2024. His highest overall ranking as an individual is 60th(*) among the approximately 200,000 Kaggle participants worldwide.
* The rankings are constantly changing.

Won a gold medal in the following competitions:

  • NFL Health & Safety - Helmet Assignment (Until November 2021): Ranked 11th out of 825 teams
  • TensorFlow - Help Protect the Great Barrier Reef (Until February 2022): Ranked 12th out of 2,025 teams
  • HuBMAP + HPA - Hacking the Human Body (Until September 2022): Ranked 11th out of 1,174 teams
  • HuBMAP - Hacking the Human Vasculature (Until July 2023): Ranked 9th out of 1,021 teams
  • HMS - Harmful Brain Activity Classification (Until April 2024): Ranked 5th out of 2,767 teams

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Value Creation

Contributed to the commercialization of image recognition AI in the social infrastructure field, mainly in the area of AI model development. The following packages have been released:

  • Road and river video analysis software: Automatically detects abnormalities on roads or in rivers, and streamlines monitoring work
  • Multi-AI engine: Automatically detects suspicious behavior by people, and streamlines security and crime prevention work