64-Kbit DRAM (2-power supply type)(1978)

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In 1978, Fujitsu became first in the world to succeed in commercially producing a random access memory (RAM) product with 64 Kbit/1 chip. It had essentially the same operating functions and characteristics as the 16-Kbit memory products which were standard items on the market at the time, but with 4 times the degree of integration. It was packaged in a 16-pin DIP format, designed to easily replace 16-Kbit memory, and was the first in the world that could be mass-produced. As the degree of integration for memory increased, it was highly valuable in miniaturizing and improving the reliability of electronic devices.
Access time: 110 nanoseconds, cycle time: 300 nanoseconds
Power consumption: 250 mw during operation, 10 mw during standby
Power supply voltages: +7V, -2V

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