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AIM (Advanced Information Manager) was released in 1977 as online database software for the FACOM M series.
AIM was a compilation of the experience cultivated by Fujitsu with the FACOM230 series, and was a purely Japanese-made software one step ahead of others in merging batch functions, online functions, and database functions which had previously all been treated separately. It later added functions such as the following:
- Databases shared between clusters and high-speed hot standby, utilizing System Storage Units (SSU) (1989).
- Remote database backup systems as disaster countermeasures for critical systems (1995).
- Various functions for linking to open servers (web linkage, application linkage, remote database access, real-time database replication) (1996 onward).

Fujitsu continues to enhance the functions of its software to respond to the changes in information systems over time and to meet social requirements. Such software will go on supporting social lifestyles and corporate activities as a part of infrastructure which includes banking systems from ultra-large to medium scale, financial accounting for government offices and municipalities, billing operations for public corporations, and productivity management and order management for private corporations.

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