FM-8 (1981)

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The first 8-bit personal computer from Fujitsu. After the release of machines such as the LKIT-8 hobby-oriented microcomputer for training use (released in March 1977), this computer was released in 1981 as the first in the FUJITSU MICRO series (FM series). The technical expertise cultivated in Fujitsu's semiconductor business was pooled together and development was carried out to incorporate 64 Kbit DRAM on par with large-scale machines for the first time in the world, to meet the needs of diverse users from hobbyists to business persons. Bubble memory or floppy disks could be connected to this model as optional devices for data storage, but since both of these devices were costly, cassette tapes for music were also used. Price of main unit: 218,000 yen; main memory: 64 KB

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