FM R Series (1987)

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FM R-60 (left), FM R-50 (center), FM R-30 (right)

The FM R series was released in 1987, consisting of the three 16-bit personal computer models FM R-30, R-50, and R-60. They were equipped with MS-DOS V3.1 for their basic OS as standard configurations, and were developed with the goal of being full-scale business personal computers able to coordinate data with host computers. The "R" in the name of the FM-R series stood for the initials of "Refresh" and "Revolution".
Price of FM R-30 main unit (including keyboard): from 378,000 yen; main memory: 512 KB to 1 MB.
Price of FM R-50 main unit (including keyboard): from 410,000 yen; main memory: 1 MB to 5 MB.
Price of FM R-60 main unit (including keyboard): from 485,000 yen; main memory: 1 MB to 5 MB.

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