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FACOM230 "8" Series (1973)


A series introduced in 1973 which employed a virtual storage system. The FACOM230 "8" Series included the FACOM230-28S, -28, -38, -48, and -58. "8" Series encompassed the "5" Series within it, allowing transition to a new series while still applying the "5" Series software without changes. Meanwhile, it was developed with the fundamental concept of strengthening and expanding its new functions. As a result of significantly enhancing the FACOM230 product line in 1975 by strengthening the functions of the 3 higher-level models FACOM230-38, -48, and -58, and also additionally announcing the new model FACOM230-38S, sales of this line exceeded 1,000 units at the end of the first half of 1975, just 2 years after it was released.