New Synchronous Optical Transmission System (1989)

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Realizing new services with optical standard devices

From the F-100M in 1981 to the F-1.6G in 1987, Fujitsu developed many optical transmission systems for delivery to NTT and contributed to making optical fiber telecommunications more economical and reliable. During this time, there was a growing worldwide trend to standardize optical transmission systems in order to make their services more flexible. As a result, in 1986, a study examining new synchronous systems was launched.
Developing products that conformed to the standard was a difficult challenge requiring high-tech capabilities in a wide range of fields, including optical device and high-speed synchronous transmission technology. In 1989, Fujitsu commercialized products ahead of the competition, and its domestic share soared to the top. The New Synchronous Optical Transmission System, which standardized rate and signal forms, was a landmark system.

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