CS-12M Submarine Coaxial Cable Repeater (1975)

  • Telecommunications Equipment
  • Wired Transmission Systems

First step towards globalization as systems exported from Japan

In 1969, Fujitsu's repeaters were used for Japan's first communications cable, which was laid under the waters between the cities of Mori and Muroran in Hokkaido. Then, in 1972, Fujitsu won an international bid for an even bigger project: a submarine coaxial cable that would link West Germany and Sweden. The system, which was completed in 1975, was the first to be exported by Japan. Fujitsu's historic CS-12M repeaters were used for the project.
The project resulted in Fujitsu's recognition as a completely integrated system supplier, capable of everything from planning and marine surveys to equipment design and the laying of cables. Fujitsu subsequently received a string of orders to build submarine cables between Denmark and Norway (36Mbps), Denmark and the Netherlands (36Mbps), and the UK and Germany (1.8Gbps, optical). Today, Fujitsu optical transmission systems capable of sending many terabits per second lie stretched across the world's oceans supporting telephone, television, and Internet telecommunication networks.

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