FETEX-3000 Series (1986)

  • Telecommunications Equipment
  • Switching Systems

This was a switching system used to build the platforms for Fujitsu's mid- to large-capacity digital PBX, with 4 models released in 1986 (FETEX-3500: 300 lines; FETEX-3600: 800 lines; FETEX-3700: 1,500 lines; FETEX-3800: 10,000 lines). By employing specialized LSIs and high-density packaging technology, it was able to become the smallest domestic system in terms of its main unit size, while also significantly reducing its power consumption. (Its size and power consumption were both 1/2 to 2/3 those of Fujitsu's past products)
In response to a rapidly-growing demands for the transition of corporate networks to digital systems, triggered by the start of digital leased line services in 1984 and by the deregulation of telecommunications in 1985, more than 1,300 systems were shipped in 3 years to serve as the core equipment of COINS II (Fujitsu's Corporate Information Network System).

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