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Unleash the valuable ‘self’

Self-checkouts are popular and they drive value into your stores, Fujitsu’s platform gives you the agility you need to make the most of them.

It’s what happens on the screen that counts. That interface with the consumer as they buy what you’re selling and hand over their money. If it doesn’t work there, you don’t generate revenue. So, the platform that supports your ability to offer a unified and consistent customer experience is vital. It has to be brilliant, robust, and versatile.

Technology has to facilitate not hinder. It has to empower you to not only keep pace with change, but get ahead of it. Our TOTAL CHECKOUT platform does exactly what the name suggests; you can build a great UI and then keep it vibrant by launching new customer journey experiences whenever you want. The point is to ensure that UI is consistent across all your machines, and that the user experience is always great. The consumer must be able to get what they want as quickly (or slowly) as they want to. It’s their shopping experience; let them set the pace that suits them.

Fujitsu TOTAL CHECKOUT: Complete flexibility with every layer

You can get TOTAL CHECKOUT working for you right now. No need to invest in new hardware; use what you already have. Then, as you invest, the platform manages the whole thing for you. It works on every manufacturer’s hardware. TOTAL CHECKOUT provides the software layers which, together, create an agile platform to support all your self-checkout needs.


You can configure the Graphical User Interface (GUI) to adopt your existing design immediately, and then keep it up-to-date to reflect changes to your brand or new demands from customers. It’s all managed on the platform and is easy to execute either by your people or ours.


You have the ability to manage workflows to suit the front-end device on which the UI appears. So, if your self-checkout aisle needs to be different from a hand-held tablet used by a store associate, then it’s easy to configure the software so that the customer / associate journey suits the outcomes you want to achieve.


Manage each and every device that’s key to a great experience for the consumer. Ensure scanners, printers, scales, cash dispensers, and tills work seamlessly so there’s no friction or frustration at the point of sale or payment. Our platform integrates them all for you on one platform so you achieve a completely integrated self-checkout solution.


It’s the key to achieving self-checkout excellence NOW and at SPEED. We can do it all for you, or work with your teams to achieve the outcomes you want.

The platform is the foundation for an agile self-checkout future which supports your brand right across your estate, whatever the store configuration or demographic profile.

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