Connected retail

Connected retail

Frictionless and friendly

Fujitsu makes it easy for you to leverage the power of your self-checkout aisle to engage and empower consumers.

Getting the right hardware in place is, of course, vital. But what counts even more is the User Experience. The machines themselves can’t deliver value without a User Interface which enriches (and protects) your brand. Many shoppers prefer to scan their own items. Whatever their reasons, the EXPERIENCE must be intuitive, engaging, and frictionless. The point of a self-checkout, after all, is speed and simplicity.

The software and the hardware must be a facilitator not an inhibitor of sales. So, the UI platform must be easy to understand and entirely responsive to complex requests as well as basic functions. And when human help is needed – it must be available. But technology can reduce the need for staff interventions through the clever deployment of cameras, Artificial Intelligence, and data analytics which focus the experience on the individual consumer.

Experiences to match your needs

Fujitsu’s human-centric philosophy is embodied in the platform and interface software we offer and can tailor to your specific needs and brand.

Our global experience in delivering Connected Retail solutions to every aspect of your store, supply chain, and back-office operations informs the way we build cutting edge self-checkout experiences that delight consumers.

Well, perhaps ‘delight’ is too strong a word. In fact, we don’t want consumers to even notice the UI. It’s so effortless and frictionless, they just pay for what they want and leave. That’s the best way to ensure they come back, again and again.

Loyalty & promotions can make a huge difference

The self-motivated and empowered consumer will always take the time to build loyalty points, use them, and consider flash promotions especially if they’re targeted to their specific needs.

That means being clever about how you build a relationship with consumers based on the data you have about them. And the way you engage with people via screens with UI software helps you do that. When they’re easy to understand and use, it adds to their experience of your brand. So, it pays to get it right.

We help you achieve TOTAL Self-Checkout excellence

We offer you a flexible and broad service which is focused on one thing; enabling you to sell more with the right self-checkout technology.

You want help to design and code the best UI platform to deliver a great user experience on SCO machines and other devices across all your store. And you want to do it fast. Our TOTAL CHECKOUT service does it all for you and works on any brand of machine and, of course, our own.

You’ve got your own UI software and want to integrate it with Fujitsu’s SCO hardware successfully and, at the same time, ensure that your existing machines are still supported. We can do it.

You need to integrate a specific software solution across your hardware that’s specific to you and not dependent on the hardware you already have or are bringing into service. Our TOTAL SCO-FLEX service enables you to integrate software and hardware perfectly with our middleware and API’s.

You want to accelerate your loyalty and promotion activities across your estate and leverage the power of SCO hardware so that data and offers create a focused and seamless interface with consumers.

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