Cyber Security for Operational Technology (OT)

Protect your critical production networks and assets

Manufacturing and utilities industries are striving to digitally secure their Operational Technology (hardware and software that control industrial equipment). Are the results up to requirements? With the rise of IT/OT convergence comes the added exposure to cyber attacks. Ensuring effective secure digital operations to maximize uptime and worker safety, to protect customer and business data and to avoid supply chain disruption is not a one off-challenge.

Proactively limiting the risk of OT networks is key to embracing the rapid pace of digital disruption. Our experts are committed to offering you a secure network that provides around the clock protection for your industrial processes and business critical assets.

Fujitsu collaborates with customers using three complementary services:

  • OT assessment and asset discovery: analyzing your existing networks, identifying gaps in compliance and standards, establishing your risk profile and baselining your networked digital assets.
  • OT network transformation: applying priority remediations to protect your OT networks.
  • OT managed monitoring service: a 24/7 service identifying anomalous behaviours across OT environments.
IDC interview

IDC interview paper with Jamie Wilkie

Read this exclusive interview from IDC Manufacturing Insights EMEA on OT security, how it is affecting your business and where and how your OT security journey can start.

The new path forward to maximise the OT uptime

In this e-book you will learn about three critical skills for managing OT in the era of hyperconnected manufacturing so you can keep your factory secure from the constant threat of cyber attacks.

See how Operational Technology is everywhere within manufacturing

Thought leadership perspectives: Why a strong OT security network is the key to digitalization and competitiveness

In the thought leadership paper we explain why and how you should secure your OT estate and integrate with your IT environment.

We also discuss the consequences of an ineffective OT security strategy against the benefits you can achieve when following the right approach. Fill out the form to explore how you can take your OT security to the next level.

Cyber security for OT

Explore how Fujitsu works to meet the unique security needs of your OT environment and which outcomes you can expect.

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Why Fujitsu

We make OT cyber security protection available as a service

A partnership-driven approach with our customers and wider eco-system

Manufacturing and utilities industry experience, in NIS-D compliance, NIST, IEC 62443 and other sector-specific standards

Proven credentials in ISO27001 and ISO22301

40 years of cyber security experience with global and local capabilities

As well as being a world-class cyber solutions provider, we’re also a manufacturer - making us the ideal strategic partner to overcome the cyber challenges you face on the road to digital and sustainable transformation. We offer you a single point of contact to deliver your complete end-to-end OT Digital Transformation.

Our partners

John Swanson

Security Offerings Lead
Uvance Hybrid IT Security

Jamie Wilkie

Product Owner OT Security Services

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