RISE with SAP Cloud ERP With Fujitsu


Modernize your ERP landscape and secure your business future with Fujitsu and RISE with SAP

Intelligent automation that drives cloud-enabled innovation and business transformation

In today’s business climate, – the agility needed to adapt and transform both your business and the enterprise resource planning at its core is essential for sustainable business growth. The transformation of mission-critical systems built on legacy technology and software is therefore a critical factor in keeping pace with disruption and meeting rising customer demands.

As a strategic RISE with SAP partner, Fujitsu will help you to modernize your ERP landscape, migrate it to the Cloud, utilize the SAP Business Technology Platform and harness the ability to integrate applications when needed.

Work with us to reimagine your business and processes to transform mission-critical systems for future success:

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Automate business processes to increase efficiency

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Optimize business opportunities and create new revenue streams with AI-enabled insights

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Manage sustainability with enterprise-wide process visibility and controls

What to consider when transitioning to RISE with SAP

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What is your cloud strategy?

With RISE with SAP, you get to choose your hyperscaler but you must ensure this fits with your wider cloud application strategy.

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Who will be your contractual partner?

The overall contract is with SAP and not the hyperscaler, you need to be aware of this and understand the implications for your organization.

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Is the RISE commercial model a good fit?

Does the RISE with SAP commercial model fit your business? If you have an existing contract with a hyperscaler for your wider application estate, you’ll need to review this in the context of the RISE with SAP agreement.

Icon showing transactional thresholds

Are there transactional thresholds?

While customers gain rich, additional add-on functionality, such as the SAP Business Technology Platform, Signavio and Business Networks, this is limited to a certain threshold in transactions. You won’t have unlimited use, which may or may not be important for your specific requirements.

Fujitsu and RISE with SAP outcome-driven services

We provide strategic RISE with SAP consultation services that remove the burden of handling multiple vendors and contracts. Globally, we have a proven track record of helping customers to gain substantial commercial value from RISE with SAP.

As a global manufacturer with a strong R&D background, we run SAP internally within our business and are taking the lead in helping enterprises maximize value and innovation, sharpen their performance and unlock new efficiencies for top-line, bottom-line and green-line growth.

We’ve been in your shoes. Our experience as both a SAP customer and a systems integrator gives us a unique and compelling perspective, as well as a practical and tangible advantage – helping us to understand the frequently overlooked considerations and commercial implications.

Why Fujitsu is the SAP systems integrator of choice

Strong technical integration has never been more important in the current connected economy. We believe it underpins innovation, fuels customer outcomes and accelerates business growth. As a trusted systems integrator with over 40 years of SAP experience, we thrive on solving technical issues for both the bigger and smaller picture. We're here to deliver results and ROI for your organization – all whilst doing the right thing for you.

Combining our deep experience of RISE with SAP with our manufacturing expertise and commercial objectivity, we are well-placed to advise what's right for your organization in the context of your wider digital transformation strategy.

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SAP global technology partner since 1999

Globally, we have more than 3,500 SAP specialists and provide end-to-end SAP services and the latest SAP solutions as well as first-hand support to our customers.

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Proven track record implementing RISE with SAP

We successfully led the first-ever implementation of RISE with SAP and have consistently delivered implementations on time and within budget across numerous countries including Japan, the USA, India and Finland.

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First-hand experience as a RISE with SAP customer

As well as being a systems integrator, globally our business runs on SAP which gives us direct experience and unique insight into the specific challenges our customers face. Within our own manufacturing operation, we’ve embedded SAP Signavio – a component of RISE with SAP.

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Extensive global manufacturing expertise

As both a manufacturer and a technology services provider, we combine insight, knowledge and expertise with technical innovation to help our customers transform with confidence.

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Complex technical integration experts

We are globally recognized for our strong technical skills, our commercial vision and our ability to successfully integrate complex environments, which is underpinned by extensive technology and industry expertise.

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Kaizen culture of business, technology and operational improvements

Continuous improvement is in our DNA. As a Japanese company, we’re extremely proud of our Kaizen culture and long, well-respected heritage of helping customers. Our customer relationships are based on partnership, openness and collaboration.

Learn more about Fujitsu and RISE with SAP

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