Print management

Proficient printing with BS2000/OSD platforms

Our print management tools unite the functionality of the classic mainframe spool with compatible extensions for cross-platform printing in networks. Whether the focus is network printing or deploying a central print server, utilization models make efficiency a priority when sharing printers and ensuring the optimum use of high-performance print systems in the data center. Below is a list of print services components available for BS2000/OSD platforms.


Part of the BS2000/OSD-BC operating system, it includes drivers (except for I mode) for all locally connectable printers, from band printers to freely scalable high-performance print systems from Fujitsu partner Océ. Local SPOOL offers basic support for SNMP subagents, while SPOOL functions are available to clients on other platforms via Dprint. BS2000/OSD-BC also includes a management service program with extensive administration features for SPOOL print resources.

SPOOLAPA Printing System/Router

In BS2000/OSD, the APA print services component for AFP is the Router. Its major function is to provide a device-independent interface to printing. In this environment, the application needs only have the ability to place data on the Spool system. The Router then provides the following important functions: data stream transformations, printer resource management and communication with the Print Server. The Router is distributed by Océ.

Remote spool output

RSO is used with SPOOL to enable access to remote (workstation) printers in conventional TRANSDATA configurations as well as today’s LAN networks. Because it supports the open LPD (line printer daemon) protocol, there are virtually no limits to the variety of printers that can be accessed. RSO functionality is also available for transaction printing along with openUTM.

Distributed print services

Dprint is a versatile base product for distributed printing in both standardized and heterogeneous networks. It enables a wide range of custom print server solutions in configurations with BS2000/OSD when used together with partner products on other platforms, like Xprint (the spool system for UNIX-based platforms) and Wprint (the client/server component for Windows platforms).