BS2000/OSD and openNetworking

Unlocking the potential

Modern IT requires infrastructure with a consistent networking concept to support a variety of public and private networks (and their communication protocols). Together with the Internet services product range, openNet Server is the best solution available for network integration and web computing on BS2000/OSD systems used as Internet servers.

Integrating the workplace gives end users the best of all worlds, with access to applications and data from the mainframe and local PC as well as the network (over the Internet, for example).

Opening the network

Networking technology, with its huge diversity and complexity, continues to develop rapidly. These days, connecting subnetworks to form integrated networks is a standard routine. The Internet enables the integration of systems from various manufacturers, while increasing requirements for bandwidth and network performance is met by technology like Gigabit Ethernet and Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM).

As a business server, BS2000/OSD integrates perfectly into heterogeneous environments, with interworking supported on all levels by BS2000/OSD openNetworking. A host of interfaces and solutions are available, enabling all the individual configurations to be integrated as efficiently as possible and facilitating the migration to open networks.

It’s all about access

In enterprise-wide distributed applications, the mainframe serves a vast number of users. With its powerful yet compact servers, modern peripherals, network-wide SNMP controlling and high system utility, BS2000/OSD is tailor-made for this role.

IT networks have grown beyond corporate boundaries as individual networks converge into a single network: the world wide web. For end users, access is program and manufacturer-independent. Web browsers also provide an easy-to-learn general user interface.

Together with communications software, BS2000/OSD supports all the relevant web protocols and interfaces. This means it can be used as a powerful web server, fulfilling all user queries from accessing web pages and transferring files from servers to using server applications and setting up and evaluating directories.

Proven mainframe performance

Using WebTransactions, the openSEAS tool for web enabling and integration, BS2000/OSD servers offer users in the network access to existing, proven transaction systems. Platform-independent application programs from the web can also be run on BS2000/OSD with the Java Virtual Machine. Together, openNetworking and BS2000/OSD offer:   

  • A consistently open network architecture which takes all market-relevant standardized networks and transport protocols into account.
  • Availability of all web technologies on and with BS2000/OSD.    
  • Communication applications independent of the network, allowing the cost-effective use of different types of networks.
  • A provision for new network technologies (such as ATM and Gigabit Ethernet) in line with market developments.    
  • The possibility to integrate legacy network architecture into heterogeneous network configurations.

  • Storage Management Software for BS2000
  • interNet Services (BS2000/OSD)
  • openNet Server (BS2000/OSD)
  • SNMP (BS2000/OSD)
  • High Speed Network Connect
  • openSEAS & Oracle
  • MT9750 Terminal emulation