The Co-design Workshop

Work with us using Fujitsu Human Centric Experience Design to address your digital transformation challenges. Your best people and our technology experts work together to spark new ideas about how you can speed your digital transformation journey.

The design sessions can take place at one of our Co-design Studios, we can bring a Pop-up Co-design Studio to your office or location of your choice, or we can invite you to our Virtual Co-design World.

We recommend groups of up to 16 people for each design session. That’s usually up to 12 from your business together with four experts from Fujitsu.


We start by introducing the challenge so that everyone shares a common understanding of what we are seeking to achieve together and why it is important to your organization, now and in the future.


The challenge is then considered from the perspective of those people most impacted. This insight is critical to ensuring that we are developing concepts that consider a human-centric perspective that harnesses technology.


The customer sponsor gives an overview of your business strategy and the relevance of the co-creation challenge in contributing towards that strategy. We then share some stories from Fujitsu’s broad industry experience and expertise based on related use-cases to help inspire your thinking.


The new insight derived from people around the business coupled with relevant experience shared by Fujitsu enables us to reframe the challenge in order to better meet the needs of people impacted.


Only now that we understand the challenge from a range of perspectives do we begin to generate ideas, initially using pre-formed inspirations to fast track the ideation process. We then use a range of techniques to develop a variety and volume of supplementary ideas capturing the outputs using giant touchscreens.


Ideas are shared and the best ones are used to build a visual concept that addresses the reframed challenge using the insight derived in the first part of the session. These quick prototypes help to bring to life possible solutions.


Each prototype is tested through discussion before everyone in the session is then asked to vote on the best elements of each prototype. This provides a heatmap of consensus in the room that then informs immediate and prioritized steps that can be taken to develop the best concepts in the field.


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From dialogue to
output – fast

As soon as the workshop finishes we generate a digital summary of the discussion, ideas, and actions. We define a pathway to achieving your objectives and set out clear and practical steps that can be taken to rapidly implement the concepts that we co-designed.

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Co-creation powers digital transformation

Talk to us about running a co-design workshop for your business. You can come to us, we can come to you, or we can meet virtually.

Together we can deliver ideas that can transform your business.

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