Partnering with Fujitsu enabled us to move our critical business systems to the cloud, providing a robust, reliable, scalable, and secure solution.

Todd Monson, IT Director/Technology Lead, Daikin Applied Americas
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Daikin Applied Americas

Building an OCI environment for future growth


Daikin Applied is the world’s leading innovator in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) products, delivering superior air quality and energy efficiency with innovation in advanced technology, IoT, and next generation compressors.


Daikin’s legacy Oracle infrastructure was costly to maintain and could no longer scale to meet the needs of a growing business. It needed a trusted partner to help it migrate to an entirely cloud-based OCI environment.


  • Oracle transition
  • OCI workload managed services for Oracle and PLM applications
  • 24/7 Oracle database administrator services
  • Oracle Management Cloud for proactive monitoring
  • OCI Security Managed Services
  • Data synchronization and replication for disaster recovery


  • Fujitsu managed services ensure 24/7 availability for production
  • OCI can scale up and down according to demand
  • Minimal upfront investment reduces costs
  • Daikin IT employees are now focused on the strategic use of Oracle application functionality, instead of focusing on keeping it running

Download Full Case Study PDF

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