People are expecting high quality public care but with no additional investments. This is the equation we have to solve and this is why we have to go digital.

Seppo Heinonen, Senior Medical Director, Professor Director, Gynecology and Obstetrics, Helsinki University Hospital
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Helsinki University Hospital

Improving the treatment of diabetes during pregnancy


Helsinki University Hospital (HUS) is Finland’s largest operator in secondary care. This position gives HUS the opportunity to solve the challenges encountered in health care and also to act as a pioneer. They manage the most demanding specialist medical care in the country.


Of the 52,000 women who give birth in Finland every year, approximately 18 per cent – or nearly 10,000 – are diagnosed with gestational diabetes. Of these, roughly half develop type 2 diabetes at a later date. This amounts to 5,000 new diabetics per year, whose total treatment costs can accumulate to 28 million euros.


  • A mobile application has been developed for measuring and storing data relating to the mother’s blood glucose levels, physical activity, nutrition, pulse and daily weight – and making it available to healthcare professionals in real time.


  • Better monitoring and visibility of how diet, physical activity, sleep and stress influence patient health
  • Clearer communications with patients
  • Smarter insights for physicians

Download Full Case Study PDF

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