Trust is crucial. We are dealing with people’s health care and social care information so our customers need to trust us as a vendor and we must trust our vendors like Fujitsu 100%.

Välimäki Hannu, CEO, Apotti
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Better data for better health and well being


Apotti Oy was born to create the first electronic client and patient record and ERP system in the world combining social care and health care. Equality in social care and health care services requires a strong commitment to digitalisation and improving operational routines.


It is estimated that up to a third of doctors’ time is wasted due to systems not working or communicating with one another.


  • With Apotti, social and healthcare professionals have access to a single, uniform customer and patient record system. This allows them to have access to all customer and patient records allowed by law in real time, regardless of the service and treatment location.


  • Enhanced co-operation between different operators, allowing for better development of operations and services
  • Continuous measurement of data means continuous learning and development
  • Employees provide better quality and more efficient services as information is easy to access in one common system

Download Full Case Study PDF

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