Fujitsu helped us actively track and mitigate risks to enable a smooth and seamless transition. It stopped the DDoS attacks instantly.

Public sector representative
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Public Sector Transportation Company

Enhanced security for eBusiness


This public body was established to deliver improved transport outcomes for local people. It is responsible for the movement of people and goods on roads, trains, buses, ferries, light rail, point to point transport vehicles, community transport, walking and cycling.


This public body wanted to upgrade its legacy load balancers to improve availability and scalability while avoiding outages. It needed the right partner to execute the migration without business disruption.


Six months of planning enabled the seamless transition to four F5 BIG-IP physical devices supporting 16 virtual load balancers, each requiring different testing resources and distinct SLA requirements.


  • Improved reliability and availability of eBusiness services
  • Enhanced security for eight million users
  • Rapid prevention of thousands of DDoS attacks daily and zero business disruption during migration

Download Full Case Study PDF

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