“Fujitsu has built a scalable HPC platform, based on more than 400 PRIMERGY servers, for nine Japanese universities and two research institutes, which enables real-time analysis and collaboration."

Spokesperson, University of Tokyo
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University of Tokyo

Realizing the ‘Society 5.0’ vision with HPC


The University of Tokyo (UTokyo) was established in 1877 as the first national university in Japan.


Nine universities and two research institutes participated in a joint project which needed a scalable platform that could collect and analyze data from all universities and research institutes in Japan.


Data-driven social creation platform consists of 368 Fujitsu Server PRIMERGY CX2550 units, equipped with the latest CPUs, and 40 units of Fujitsu Server PRIMERGY GX2570, equipped with high-end GPUs


  • Enables the collection and analysis of data in real-time by connecting databases owned by all universities and research institutes in Japan
  • Users can flexibly utilize computing resources and storage capacity according to the application and requirement
  • Provides computing resources to thousands of projects at the same time, achieving 8.5 petaflops total theoretical operation performance

Download Full Case Study PDF