There are many sustainability efforts from brands around the world, but the reality is that most consumers, especially in fast fashion, are not willing to pay the premium. Therefore, real change needs to come from within the industry, supported by legislation.

Bart Westerman, Co-Founder and CEO, tex.tracer
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Tracing garments through supply chains


tex.tracer is the brainchild of Bart Westerman and Jolanda Kooi who gleaned extensive industry experience working in China and Hong Kong, and both now run separate importing companies in Amsterdam.


To bring transparency to the fashion supply chain and enable both brands and consumers to make educated decisions.


  • Developed a transparency platform called tex.tracer
  • Engaged Fujitsu for Blockchain development and future managed services


  • Brand owners and retailers now have insight into their supply chains which makes them prepared for future legislation regarding compliance
  • Consumers can scan QR codes in-store to check the garment’s journey
  • Ethical and environmental issues can be revealed and acted upon

Download Full Case Study PDF