The Fujitsu solution enables us to improve our civic service through automation and machine learning, reducing service times, environmental impact, and costs of operations.

City of Montréal
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City of Montréal

Smoothing traffic flows with AI analysis


Founded in 1642, Montréal and its agglomeration has more than four million citizens. It is the largest city in the Province of Quebec in Canada. Montréal has around 1.8 million residents, and the city employs more than 28,000 people.


The city of Montréal wanted to streamline traffic flows in its port district and asked companies to submit proposals for an AI-enabled data analysis solution that could predict traffic flow based on data from thousands of sensors.


Fujitsu AI-enabled data analysis platform


  • Traffic flows more smoothly and journey times have reduced
  • Lower emissions mean less air pollution
  • Smarter route planning makes clearing roads of snow faster

Download Full Case Study PDF

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