By combining Fujitsu’s advanced ICT capability with our accumulated knowledge, we can revolutionize drug discovery processes, helping us develop new drugs for society, including COVID-19 therapeutics, as quickly as possible.

Keiichi Masuya, Ph.D., Executive Vice President and Director – Board Member, PeptiDream Inc.
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New drug development with a drug discovery venture


PeptiDream Inc, established in 2006, is a bio-venture company, a spinout from the University of Tokoyo.


In peptide drug discovery, candidate compounds need to be narrowed down quickly from several trillions of libraries. Many complex experimental processes are then required to create actual drugs, a process that takes considerable time and effort. The use of advanced ICT solutions, such as using Digital Annealer in searching for stable conformations, is expected to streamline and transform drug discovery processes, including the prediction of activity and physical properties.


  • Faster technology search for conformations of candidate compounds, using Digital Annealer and highperformance computing (HPC)
  • High accuracy prediction of drug discovery indexes search, such as pharmacological activity, harmacokinetics, safety and physical properties, by using AI technology
  • Improved new drug development processes by constructing a practical platform that combines research data, simulation technology and research knowledge"


  • Contribution to the early development of COVID-19 therapeutics through the establishment of a new company by PeptiDream, Fujitsu and partners in November 2020
  • Realization of digital transformation in the drug recovery process through the creation of an IT-based discovery platform for mid-molecule drugs

Download Full Case Study PDF

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