In the Automation Inspiration Workshop, the Fujitsu experts demonstrated that the processes must first be optimized and clearly defined to make automation fast and cost-effective.

Caroline Juszczak, Head of Shared Service Center Accounting WIKA Alexander Wiegand SE & Co. KG
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WIKA Alexander Wiegand

Automation Inspiration Workshop at WIKA Group


WIKA has been a recognized partner and skilled specialist in all metrology tasks for more than 70 years. The company turns innovative technologies into new, powerful products and system solutions. Product reliability and a willingness to meet all market challenges have helped WIKA reach a leadership position on the global market.


WIKA planned to automate processes in its Accounting Shared Service Center by introducing robotic process automation (RPA) in order to relieve employee workload. The company also wanted to increase transparency in applications, their economic benefits and technical possibilities.


Fujitsu conducted an Automation Inspiration Workshop to introduce the participants to the subject matter and technological aspects of business process automation. Existing processes were analyzed with regard to their qualitative and technical suitability for automation, including ROI evaluation.


  • Evaluation of economic benefits of automation scenarios, based on financial, qualitative and human factors
  • Examination of important aspects, such as ROI, compliance and employee satisfaction
  • In-depth analysis of selected business processes, including calculating a comprehensive business case
  • Involvement of all participants and demonstration of technological possibilities by jointly creating an initial robot prototype

Download Full Case Study PDF

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