The Fujitsu brand promise - shaping tomorrow with you.

‘shaping tomorrow with you’ is about working with customers and society to shape a better future through the power of digital technologies. The Fujitsu brand promise describes our way of doing business and is at the heart of how we behave and communicate with our customers.

Ours is a customer-centric approach to working where we build long-term collaborative relationships. Working in partnership with our customers we co-create solutions that contribute to their business success and the progress of their industries.

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The Fujitsu brand attributes - responsive, ambitious, genuine.

Our brand promise is made up of three key attributes, and these form the basis for all our activities worldwide.


We act flexibly while thoroughly understanding the conditions and needs of our customers and society.


We strive for higher goals for our customers with new ideas. We believe that being ambitious is an integral part of shaping the future for the better.


We always act with sincerity and produce results reliably. We pride ourselves on tailoring our services according to the needs of the local markets our customers are in.

Since 1935 we’ve been shaping tomorrow with you. Find out more about our history.

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Since our foundation in 1935, Fujitsu has pursued innovation, striving for a better tomorrow.

We began by developing telecommunication systems, helping to revitalise and rebuild a rapidly modernising Japan.

In the 1950s we saw the growing possibilities of computers and began to create our own computer technology. Our presence at the 1964 New York Expo led to a growing interest throughout the US and Europe and as our reputation for high quality computers spread throughout the 1970s and 80s our telecommunications and computer business grew rapidly around the world.

After 1990 we shifted our focus to IT services for complete information systems and when we introduced the world's fastest supercomputer in 2011 we helped advance human understanding across the world.

Yes, we have come a long way!

Behind the technology, behind the innovation, behind the growth, our success as a company, at every step along the way, has come from the strength of our relationships. From day 1 we have been visionaries. We have been leaders. We have been listeners. And as the world becomes ever more digital we understand that, no matter what, people will always come first.

That is our vision - a human-centric intelligent society, working side by side with our customers, our partners and our people. We are 160,000 strong, committed to building a safer and more sustainable tomorrow for everyone.

We are Fujitsu. Together we are shaping tomorrow with you.

Fujitsu brand positioning

We are a Japanese global ICT company that respects the different characteristics of countries and regions around the world. We are committed to local service and believe that it’s this sensitivity to local markets that sets us apart. We pride ourselves on offering a service that matches our customers’ needs wherever they are in the world. 

The Fujitsu logo

Fujitsu logo

The Fujitsu logo forms the cornerstone of our visual identity. The Infinity Mark above the j and i symbolizes the earth and sun, expressing expansion into the universe and Fujitsu's infinite possibilities. Red is our corporate color expressing enthusiasm for the future, brightness and approachability.


Logo Usage

In principle, the Fujitsu logo is not licensed for use to any third party of a non-Fujitsu group company. However, in the event of third parties referring to a business alliance or relationship with either Fujitsu or a Fujitsu group company to its customers or the public, the use of the Fujitsu logo is permitted.

To request permission, please register your interest to access our Media Portal and Resource Center. Upon approval, you can find all our guidelines and artwork. In principle, the “Fujitsu Symbol Mark” logo shall not be licensed for use to any third party or non-Fujitsu group companies. However, if a third party introduces some corporate activity, product or service of Fujitsu Limited (“Fujitsu”) or the Fujitsu group companies, or refers to a certain business alliance or relationship with Fujitsu or the Fujitsu group companies to its customers or the public, such third party is naturally led to use the Fujitsu Symbol Mark as well as the name of “FUJITSU” in order to identify Fujitsu or the Fujitsu group companies.

As a customer or partner of Fujitsu’s, if you would like to use the Fujitsu logo, please register your interest to access our Media Portal.

Upon approval, you can find all our guidelines and artwork.

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