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Sustainability Solutions

Balancing economic, social, and environmental sustainability presents both challenges and opportunities for modern-day businesses. Organizations that understand the need to use their IT innovatively while focusing on its optimization, resource and energy efficiency will gain from both a business advantage as well as social responsibility.

Fujitsu helps your organization optimize the efficiency of its ICT equipment and data centers, saving you money and reducing greenhouse gas. Our Enterprise Sustainability Services align your environmental objectives with your business goals for sustainable operations.

We have a proven track record in tangible benefits realization and combine this with deep environmental experience. For more of our credential, take a look at our Why Fujitsu page.

Woman plugging in network cables Data Center Optimization Services
Our Data Center Optimization services increase power efficiency, lowering the cost of your data center operations and management.

Smiling man drawing an upwards performance arrow Enterprise Sustainability Services
Using our Sustainability Framework, organizations are able to reduce their ICT energy costs by an average of 40% within the first 12 months – with no additional capital expenditure.