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Infrastructure Integration for an easy and secure deployment of Dynamic Infrastructures solutions and SAP HANA®

Infrastructure Integration

Fujitsu’s DI Blocks are the most complete way of leveraging IT to help your organization boost its agility, efficiency and quality of service. As flexible computing resources Dynamic Infrastructures combine server, storage, network and virtualization technologies which should be deployed very easily to gain quick results in operation and business. If it is DI for VMware vCloud or the recent SAP HANA® appliance Fujitsu offers efficient Deployment Services which contains consulting, implementation and integration packages for an easy and quick implementation. This enables IT staff to focus on what is most important to their business, and realize a rapid return on investment for those solutions.

Deployment Services for Infrastructure Integration fulfill the need of...

  • Robust and proven services to ensure a successful integration of new solutions into the existing IT infrastructure landscape
  • Rapid time-to-productivity to justify investments in IT solutions
  • Packaged, pre-tested solutions which mitigate the risk of implementation