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ServerView Resource Coordinator VE Preview

Uniform monitoring of physical and virtual servers for PRIMERGY blade systems

Server virtualization is efficient and flexible – the exception is when several hundred virtual servers sometimes lead to more complexity in an IT infrastructure. It all begins when various blades are used along with different server virtualization products (VMware, Hyper-V, Xen) and different operating systems running directly on a blade or within a virtual server. Keeping these kinds of infrastructures monitored and under control is a tough challenge for administrators. 

However, Fujitsu now offers the right solution: ServerView Resource Coordinator VE Preview (RCVE Preview), the management system that supports central, uniform monitoring of physical and virtual servers in Fujitsu PRIMERGY BX600 and BX900 environments. It gives you an overview of all blade systems, the server virtualization software and the operating systems that are running on a blade. Physical and virtual resources, as well as their dependencies, are displayed on a single console so that you get a complete picture of the infrastructure. What’s more, you can also label all server instances with descriptive names, for example to quickly identify which application is running on each server. 

Get RCVE Preview now

  • RCVE Preview is provided free of charge on every ServerView DVD delivered with Fujitsu PRIMERGY BX600 and BX900 blade servers
  • RCVE Preview is also available for download.



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