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  6. ScanSnap : User review by Tim Husband, Owner, Tim Husband Hearing Healthcare

Tim Husband, Owner, Tim Husband Hearing Healthcare

I am an audiologist involved in medico-legal assessments, industrial testing and hearing aid dispensing to the public. All of which means I spend a good deal of time out and about producing reports and tests. Part of the service I offer all my clients is retention of the produced records for later comparison or production in litigation.

Before I bought the ScanSnap S1300 I either had to laboriously scan in every report back at base or write them out by hand to ensure I had a duplicate. Now I can be in a remote location with my mobile audiology suite, testing kit and ScanSnap and not only can I produce an instantaneous digital copy on my hard drive but with 3G I can store in the cloud using an encrypted service.

Equally in my business I get handed a large number of business cards. To ensure these contacts are retained and leveraged for further business I use the ScanSnaps almost magical ability to extract the contact details from the cards and import the data into my contacts.

The ScanSnap is incredible for the money and I’d happily recommend it to anyone with similar needs

Tim Husband, Owner, Tim Husband Hearing Healthcare

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Date Submitted: 2011-12-02

Market(s): Medical & Healthcare, law

Product: ScanSnap