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  6. ScanSnap : User review by Jim Marmion, Wood Group Gas Turbine Services, Scotland

Jim Marmion, Wood Group Gas Turbine Services, Scotland

I work offshore and in remote sites as do many of my staff. Getting important information back and forward between office, offshore staff, and other field staff engineers working remotely offshore or in foreign parts has always been difficult. However the size and convenience of this little device is fantastic, its slips easiliy into the laptop bag, weights practically nothing (0.35kg), so no issues taking on helicopter trips where due to weight baggage restrictions we are limited to a 10kg bag that includes all our working gear, personal clothing and electronic devices. So weight and size is extremely important. Engineers can now mark up drawings, fill in inspection reporting sheets and timesheets and a whole host of other things,all of which require customer signitures on the job with ease, and get them back to us immediately without any delay. Using this device has improved job efficiency,client reporting, job completion reports, wage and expense issues quickly.

This is an excellent device and I would recommend it to all in the offshore oil and gas industry where they have similar requirements to ourselves.

Jim Marmion, Wood Group Gas Turbine Services, Scotland

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Date Submitted: 2012-02-09

Market(s): Industrial & Manufacturing,

Product: ScanSnap