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  6. ScanSnap : User review by Isabelle Boutteville, Excel Place, France

Isabelle Boutteville, Excel Place, France

We are specialists in service quality measure so we say 100% YES for SCANSNAP.
Excel Place sends mystery clients in hotels, spas or deluxe shops.
We have people based in different areas in the world, it was very difficult to manage the process of proof until I got a scansnap. We had to wait for the mail to arrive with the documents. With no exaggeration, the fact of sharing a scansnap with 3 colleagues on the same working area is really easy. We just need to activate it with 1 button.
It has literally changed our day to day work.
I can’t imagine my life without it as it really made us win nearly 1 hour per day... can you imagine.
Now, we scan all our documents: invoices, contracts, receipt... and all the documents are then shared on a server.

Isabelle Boutteville, Excel Place, France

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Date Submitted: 2012-04-10

Market(s): Retail, Consultancy

Product: ScanSnap