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Andreas Hess, Switzerland

My ScanSnap is situated on my bookshelf and connected to a computer that is always on. The computer doesn’t have a screen nor a mouse and a keyboard, it is just doing some regular background task. If I really need to check what’s going on I can check with Windows Remote Desktop.
During the day I regulary have different types of paper (bills, contracts, bank statements, etc.) that i want to store digitally. I just open the paper feed of my ScanSnap S1300, insert the papers and hit the button. And seconds later I will have the searchable PDF in a predefined folder on my NAS. So convienent... I don’t need to use a computer... it’s just like photocopying but it just needs the space of two cans of Coke... :-)

Andreas Hess, Switzerland

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Date Submitted: 2011-11-18

Market(s): Home user,

Product: ScanSnap