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  6. ScanSnap S1500M: User review by Steve Mendrys, Home user

Steve Mendrys, Home user

I bought a s1500 scanner for my mac just to make it easy to scan and store documents.
Then one day my father asked me to go into the loft to find an old woodworking mag for some thing he wanted to make. well after several hours and loads of mag later i found it. then it came to me!!!!!! what if he could have all his mags (believe me hundreds of them ) all at his finger tips. so we got a batch down and cut off the folded edge about 2mm. then scanned the complete mag as a searchable PDF. He now has years and year of woodworking mags on his PC he can find any thing in a flash and we have now gained a lot of space in the loft. now just have to do the fishing DIY and Model boat mags.
I my self have been doing all my old mags as well. the scanner is fast and so simple to use. WHY did i never think of this before now. how many of us have mags or clippings that we have kept in a box or case in the loft and don’t want to throw them away. Yet probably could not find them should we ever need to.. well thanks to snapscan I will not have that problem ever again.

Steve Mendrys, Home user

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Date Submitted: 2012-10-17

Market(s): Home user,

Product: ScanSnap S1500M