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  6. ScanSnap S1500M: User review by Guy Plunkett, UK

Guy Plunkett, UK

After beginning to drown under the mountains of paper I received each day at home, I bought the scanner (S1500M). I now scan all my paper work, letters, bank statements, payslips, bills, everything.
The scanner is setup to save as a PDF which is automatically uploaded to a mySQL database, later I can index the document for faster searching and recall via a Ruby on Rails website. All this is running on an old PC running linux. The scanning is so simple, put the document in the scanner and press the button. Everything else happens automatically. Every once in a while I cycle through the new documents and index them.
The original document is then shredded. This has cut down my paper storage, last year I had to keep 10-20 original documents such as insurance documents and I was able to shred and discard well over 300 documents.
I can access all my documents using my desktop, laptop, iPad, or iPhone from inside the house, or via VPN from anywhere. Last year I was renewing my mortgage and they needed to see document, I pulled out my iPad a few swipes later was able to display the necessary documents for the adviser to see. So simple so Happy, works flawlessly.

Guy Plunkett, UK

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Date Submitted: 2011-04-15

Market(s): Home user,

Product: ScanSnap S1500M