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  6. ScanSnap S1500: User review by Thomas Röder, Student, Germany

Thomas Röder, Student, Germany

I’m a student and I’m using a ScanSnap S1500. Today information management from different sources (e.g. E-Mails, Books, lecture material) is very important and you can easily do it with ScanSnap & its Organizing-Tools.
I like to work with materials I already worked with. I sometimes even remember in which book I read/highlighted the information, I try to remember. Now I don’t have to think days, I just search for it on my notebook.
I hate to work just digital – I love paper. I read an article & want make some annotations, highlights & drawings … What to do with the printout? Just scan it.
You are home at your parent’s place, but you left an important book, letter or article at your place. Now I do not worry, because it’s on my notebook.
Internship abroad? You can go wherever you want and take your whole library with you. Don’t worry about cost-intensive removals. Save everything on your Laptop or even in the cloud.
And the best – I leave my scanner with my mom so she is able to scan my important letters, documents and email me all those.

I’m using a ScanSnap & I love it.

Thomas Röder, Student, Germany

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Date Submitted: 2011-11-07

Market(s): Home user, education

Product: ScanSnap S1500