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  6. ScanSnap S1500: User review by Patrick McCormick, Buckinghamshire

Patrick McCormick, Buckinghamshire

Trying to scan using HP all in one printers was far too slow. This little Fujitsu S1500 is great. It just copies both sides in a trice and accepts all sorts of paper and sizes in the paper feed. It’s remarkably tolerant. It takes up no space on the desk and the only slight draw back is that it isn’t WiFi enabled. This is enabling me to digitise all my files and since I live in the UK and in France this will do away with the problem of where to file something. You can bet that having filed it in England you next want it in France or vice versa.
Coupled with Dropbox to synchronise data effortlessly this is a great improvement.
If they bring out a WiFi version, I’ll upgrade!

Patrick McCormick, Buckinghamshire

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Date Submitted: 2012-03-30

Market(s): Home user,

Product: ScanSnap S1500


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