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  6. ScanSnap S1500: User review by David Corben, Estate Agent, Swanage

David Corben, Estate Agent, Swanage

Our back office was full of 6 years paper correspondence and the task of finding a required document was a nightmare. I started by buying an S510. The current year’s filing was effortlessly transferred to hard disk. When my accountant wanted our annual records, all invoices were scanned in, thus alleviating the difficulties when the files are out of the office. The benefit to our office was so great that I purchased a further two S1500s. We now scan but keep any legal documents or agreements but all other paper correspondence, once scanned is securely disposed of. Finding any document is now a simple task, achieved in 30 seconds and our back office has now been completely freed up of shelving.
One of the best buys I have made for a busy office.

David Corben, Estate Agent, Swanage

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Date Submitted: 2012-10-11

Market(s): Retail, property

Product: ScanSnap S1500