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  6. ScanSnap S1500: User review by Chris Eltaib, UK

Chris Eltaib, UK

I have several scanners in my office, but the one that I always use is the Fujitsu ScanSnap S1500 (and, no, Fujitsu didn’t give me one, I bought it myself). Is it perfect? Well, no, but I love the way it works in my particular situation. Let’s take a look at why I like it.

The main reasons why I like this scanner are:
It is very reliable, I’ve never had it fail to work.
It is fast, scanning 20 pages per minute in colour mode, 40 pages per minute in B&W.
It is absolutely easy to operate – most of the time I just stack up the documents and press one scan button. The document feeder can hold up to 50 sheets.
It provides automatic duplex scanning, where it will scan both sides of the document in one pass, and if the back side is blank it will skip that.
Images are cleaned up automatically. This includes auto rotation (to straighten out documents that might have fed at an angle, which can happen with narrow receipt documents), automatic detection of color documents, and more.
You can mix different document sizes in one stack, although sometimes you may have to separate some kinds of documents. It works most of the time, but if I have a bunch of short documents mixed with really long receipt tapes, sometimes I find that I have to separate the documents.
There is a great integration feature with SmartVault, my favorite document management program.
The price is reasonable for a business.
My desk is very cluttered. I don’t have a lot of space for peripheral equipment. The ScanSnap S1500 is very compact when not in use – it folds up to take a small amount of space. When I want to use it, I unfold it and that automatically turns it on. Add the documents to the feeder, press one button, and it scans all of the documents. Both sides of the pages in a single pass, which is very helpful.
Final Comments:
this is not designed to be a shared scanner in an office with multiple users. You’ll have this on your desk for your own use. If you have a large office and you want to share scanning capabilities, this might not be your scanner.

Chris Eltaib, UK

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Date Submitted: 2013-02-28


Product: ScanSnap S1500