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  6. ScanSnap S1500: User review by Cheryl Rucker, CARM Consulting, Inc.

Cheryl Rucker, CARM Consulting, Inc.

I absolutely love my ScanSnap. I receive long contracts and proposals which I need to print out, sign and return to the customer. God forbid if it had printing on two sides! It used to take me hours because of paper jams, etc. Now, I look forward to it!

I needed to scan tax returns to a company. Before my ScanSnap, it would have taken forever with it being double sided and over 20 pages. Bam! It was done and a PDF to boot.

I had had this product for awhile now, and never experienced a jammed piece of paper. Not one issue. I loaded it on my Mac with Parallel for the Windows side, no problems.

I absolutely never write about a product. I don’t have time. But, I thought everyone should know how wonderful this product is.

Cheryl Rucker, CARM Consulting, Inc.

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Date Submitted: 2012-08-15

Market(s): Legal, Consultancy

Product: ScanSnap S1500